Frame rate setting

How can i set the frame rate for a video i want to record in vvvv? I’v got some problem to do that.Actually i can’t really understand where is the problem but when i reopen the file i’ve made with vvvv in virtual dub, cause other players like vlc don’t even load it’s not reproduced fluently and i find it as an incredibly oversized framerate.Currently i’m getting the video from the RendererEX9 as a DX9Texture than i put it in the AsVideo module,then in the Compress module, and finally in the Writer Dshow9 module.I’ve tried with differens compressions but i encountered the same problem.(i would attach a snapshot of how i patched it avoiding to descibe the whole by words if i would know where snapshot are saved on my comp. or where i can set the destination folder…so that’s another question :)

Thanks in advance.S

helo solanina.

please see if the last faq on FAQ Rendering answers all your questions.

i never use “as video” and “compress” to much troubles and bad performance.

for realtime recording i can really recommend fraps. it records really fast and without slowing significantly the rendering itself. it ouputs a very high quality but nearly uncompressed avi. you can easily convert it with virtual dub to any codec you like…

for non realtime recording i often use the “Writer (EX9.Texture NRT)” module. it outputs a series of single image with can be joined with virtual dub.

everything works with (EX9.Texture NRT) used as suggested in FAQs.