Frame Grabbing

Hi guys!
I need to import (and manage with VVVV) two HD video (1280x720) live generated from two other computers.
Do you think I can do with this card:

One card is enough (I see 2 hdmi input) or I need two cards?
n ?

Hi karistouf! The BlackMagic stuff seems very cool (and Triple expensive)
did you already worked with this? Do you think it worth to pay 200$ instead of 66$?

Thanks! :D

hi lupper.
well, i would say that you will prefer to pay tripple on something working nicely… ;-)

for sure you will need 2 cards… as neither the one you are pointing, neither the blackmagic are 2x entry HDMI :-(

i would also avoid shuttles and other usb 3.0 based hardware, as for the moment i never get usb 3.O working without troubles.
PCI is the best choice to do.

this kind of stuff maybe interresting, but not really affordable:

black magic intensity works well, fast, reliable in vvvv but only ever tried with single card in the system.

Yeah had issues with USB 3.0 but that was because using with the wrong USB3.0 contoller… you’d have though USB3 was USB3 eh? never ended up getting a motherboard that supported it.

Hey! I ordered a couple of, the PCI model, I’ll let you know how it works…

but about the vga2ethernet model, do you think is possible to using something like this: ???
it’s really cheap, and actually make the conversion between VGA and Ethernet cable (if I understood right, this is a tool to bring the VGA signal over big distance, using the Cat5 cable: VGA–>Ktool–>EtherCable–>Ktool–>VGA)

Perhaps if you connect the EthCable directly to the computer, then you have to convert the signal from the Cat5 in a video again, I’m wandering if it’s possible to do this with VVVV…

@luper as far as I know the CAT5 adapters are not using ethernet but just the type of cable and connectors. so you need special hardware to turn it back into VGA and then you would still be presented with the task of grabbing the signal.

I’ll let you know how it works…
[/quote]> great !

Kramer extender: i m using it on a show, you need a sender to encode and a receiver to decode over 2x CAT 5 cable.
On touring Kramer is not really strenghfull. Their electronic cards inside are not so good holded, so if you use those, take a box with some foam
You need also to have an UPS if electricty is not clean, i had interferences resulting bright blue pixels for dark pixels because of interferences in electricity

I will personnaly next time go on analogic VGA -> RJ45 nodes than Kramers one.

I’ve got the Black magic intensity Shuttle (usb3) wortking with a gigabyte x58 motherboard, the latency isn’t great though, it would be great to get dedicated drivers for them, with Resolume Avenue4, there is approx 1 frame of latency, really very good!

OK, seems that the black magic don’t wanna works on my computer with VVVV. Perhaps I must do something, or NOT do something, to use it? Till now, I’m just trying to install one card, put the output from other computer and try to visualize it using VideoIn (Dshow9)
Actually I see the card as “DeckLink Video Capture”, I have some numbers speed changing all over the output pins of the VideoTexture node, but the texture I obtain is totally black…

Try with virtualdub capture mode first, and update drivers from website, also Hz of your output have to be same as fps on input. That card very strict on settings. But if see input in vdub, then add videoin node must work out of box.

is the blackmagic intensity working from the software that comes with it? Can’t remember what it’s called but it Media something - records and plays back.

Yup definately get it working in Media Express first, its very finiky on input formats…

ok it’s working! Two Blackmagic Intensity (PCI express card) grabbing at 1080p from 2 different computer in the same time!! Youhu! :D

fps?.. no text …

and latency ?

Hi, following my experience wih Intensity PCI Cards:

I have 2 Intensity running with 720p 50Hz at the inputs.
Renderer ist set to 720p 50 Hz Fullscreen on the second Display.
Video is fluent, no strobing.

(All reported latency values do not include Cameras and Monitors latency, witch is additionally about 100ms)

Latency is around 100ms at the beginning.
But latency is growing by time.
After a few minutes it’s around 500ms - 600ms.

I’m wondering what happens and why the latency grows.
This also happens when only one Intensity is used.
Video Texture reports allways “Frames dropped 0.00”
It seems like the intensity delivers some more frames as rendered and due this they are “buffered” and never dropped.

Simply klicking on Desktop and back into patch gives a short stop of the video and flushes the “buffer” and latency is back around 100ms.

By watching the Intensity’s Input with Virtual Dub Capture, with Mediaplayer Classic or with Media Express latency is only about 40ms and never grows within a long time. (This would be wonderful, if vvvv would be able to.)

My hope was to use vvvv as a 2 Input Video mixer, making nices PIPs and add lower thirds etc., but the growing latency gives the k.o. for now.

Regards miessjue

latency has never grown with me using intensity and vvvv. used it lots too and love long durations. have you tried another PC? it def shouldn’t be doing what your seeing.

hei miess,
just a guess: on the VideoIn (DShow9) have you tried setting the Reference Clock to None?

@ xd_nitro

how big is latency on your system?


setting the Reference Clock to None does not make any change.

While trying diffrent things the growing latency is gone.
Im not clear wich changes are responsible.
The old patch still has the problem.
The new patch, witch is a fork of the old, dosent have the Problem.
I have to stop now…I would compare them later and report.