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I am trying to reproduce the patch proposed by Sebastian Huber at Node2020 to create a simple particle system. I was stuck after the creation of “age” output inside a node. The frame counter seems not to work properly. The “age” output instead to have a spread of elements with different value in my case all values is equal to 0.
I cannot insert the images of the myparticle node but I can say that I repeat the operation maybe 30 times
I hope the following screenshot can explain the problem.
Thanks in advance.

Your particle is currently a Record, so counter you have inside is just the a snapshot that never updates. Instead try changing your Record into a Class. Not sure what will happen just by looking because it depends on the how the particle is created.

it also works when the MyParticle is a record and that’s also a bit easier to handle.

i see 2 small issue in your screenshot:

rename create to Create
Create is a defined Operation, which refers to a thing that’s called a constructor in textual coding. Means, this is the Operation that really creates stuff. after the rename, the first pin should go away.

your second operation called update is fine and also seems to get called in the update node. but the framecounter is not assigned to this operation. you can see the color is grey and not the green. also the tooltip can give you info about that.

thanks for the accurate and quick reply…as usual!
the first tip was enough to solve the problem.

I don’t understand the second. I can’t assign framecounter to any operation.

2020-10-05 11_55_57-

Try assigning the link going from FrameCounter to the age Pad.

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