Hi vvvvolks,
I tried the Simple Fractal and Quaternion Julia Set nodes but the first one doesn’t seem to work and the second one has many nodes disconnected and I don’t know how to reconnect them. Could anybody give me a hint?

Oh, I nearly forgot, wasn’t there a Chrome shader back in the v.Beta8 days?..

Thanx a lot for this great soft and your support!


Both need PixelShader 3.0 so you need a pretty uptodate graphics card…

are you sure that your graphics card supports pixel shader 3.0? have you used the right vvvversion (beta9 or later)? the quaternion julia shader needs very long to compile (>1 minute) when you open the patch…

Well, I checked my gphx card with Shader Version Test and it seems to support PS 3.0. Moreover I use beta 12 and I got the same problem with beta 9.2, so…

In fact, some pins were disconnected xhen I opened those patches for the first time; I connected them but not sure I made it properly, so maybe anybody could post a pic of the right connections blueprints…

someone posted the screenshots…

Great, Thanx Tonfilm!
Well well well… Eventually, despite what Shader Version Test tells me I think my Radeon Mobility X300 doesn’t support PS 3.0…
Too bad, I’m used to fractals with Apophysis and I wanted to make 3D fractals for a long time…

Thanx anyway people, keep on vvvvatching!

Neither of these work on my Radeon X1700 or X1600
Also not working are :

V-noise_tentancle_phong directional.fx

No idea exactly why.
On some shaders, changing the 2_0 to 2_a or 2_b works, as detailed here

I didn’t try this trick but I don’t think it works with these shaders… They need PS3.