FPS problem with particles using FUSE and SDF

I’m not quite sure how to describe the problem, but it goes something like this: the programme runs for a while, but the FPS drops for 10 minutes until it reaches 30 or less. After a while the FPS reaches 5 fps.

I realise that a patch is needed to fix this. I can’t release it right now (I may do a release later), it’s kind of a WIP.

The patch uses particles that interact with the SDF and quite a bit of physics. What could be the problem, what to watch out for?

I also noticed an increase in memory usage. Could this be the cause? Could it be related to the fact that I’m using dynamic buffers to feed data into the shaders?

6.0.-0218 / fuse beta2

some more

in the middle of an issue:

some more debug data (not important I think):

after a huge amount of optimisation:

A fluid 3D node was the culprit