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Hi, just a thing I noticed about the forum: this morning I bookmarked a thread, and I got no visual hint that the process went well from the bottom-page “Bookmark” button, until I reloaded the page. Hovering the button would return an updated bubble tip, though.
I noticed that appears this blue icon on first post, immediately after bookmarking or vice versa the grey one if I remove the bookmark (thus no reload is needed), but only because I tried with a different, shorter thread.
If I try to click repeatedly on the button a nice error message appears.

TL;DR; It would be nice if the Bookmark button at the bottom of a thread would update immediately after it’s used, rather than to have to reload the page to see if you’ve been able to bookmark the thread.


you should now see the bookmark icon next to the reply button at the bottom of the topic which lights up immediately. why the bottom button does not indicate its state instantly would need to be directed to

Yes, I noticed that was already there.

For the rest, well, I’ll try to dig into those resources

Thank you.

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