Forum: Tags can't be added after posting intially

Forum tags added after posting initially won’t be saved. They neither show up in the list nor the post when loading it another time.

i do this often and it works. note that after adding the tag you also have to press the blue button with the little white hook to confirm your change.

It doesn’t work for me on this topic: VL editor UI: layout of tabs is confusing

I’ve tried it multiple times with clicking on the check button.

ah well, you cannot just add any tags. we’ve constrained tags to only a few specific ones. since you posted in the “general” category, no tags are allowed. i moved the topic to the “question” category and added the “vl” tag. that ok with you?

Thanks. I don’t mind that much actually.

A bit of feedback by the website would have been nice in that case though. Like a message “Sorry. No tags are allowed in that category.” or even better: disable the tag field if the category is selected and give an explanatory hint on hover or something.

indeed. but this feedback would have to go to discourse which is the forum software we’re using.

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