Forum issues with contribution URLs

I searched, but did not find something about it.

I just created a contribution. First, it had a “+” in the title. I changed that later, but the url stays the same (which is good).
But no matter what I try, I can’t link to it from inside the forum, I always end up with a URL that returns me a “page not found”.

Plain copy+paste: oculus-rift-shader- -node
Using the “internal link” button: ((contribution:oculus-rift-shader- -node))
Using the “external link” button: oculus-rift-shader- -node

Note that this DOES work inside the “Preview” area when writing a post. Seems like some postprocessor runs only on hitting Save and mangles the links. When editing again, all links look wrong, and I also can’t make them work.

Finally, I shortened the URL to make it work.

i experienced some bothersome barriers with internal linking as well

Hey herbst, I fixed this for you. If you use the internal links though, you shouldn’t paste a full URL, but rather a relative URL as described in the wikisyntax

Velcrome, could you outline what did not work for you? Then I’ll look into this. Mainly our problems stem from “+” signs in the url, which we chose not to convert/abandon, because some of the node names actually feature those in their URL.