Formating depending string spreads

hey, i need to reformat some data and have problems thinking about the rigth way to do this. did someone allready run in the same problem?

at first its an alphabetical sort… then a split by first character. but i don’t know exactly what your trying to do… maybe its best to write a dynamic plugin for custom sort/order problems.

thanks tonfilm. the raw data set consists out of more complex strings which are not sorted alphabeticaly.
if i find out how to get the indices from the second spread which contain the coresponding string from the first spread would enable me to get the right slices from the third spread and then the sorting should be no problem.
spreaded bin size would be good here too.

so just locking at the first two spreads i need to generate a spread containing

output bin size
A 0 (1)
B 1 (1)
C 2 3 (2)
D 4 5 6 (3)
F 8 (1)

when using sift(sting) i always run in the problem that the two spreads have a different spreadcount and the comparisson gets ‘out of sync’.

and learning how to write dynamic plugins is planed for next year or something

ahhh while i am writing this i came to the solution!
some time ago i wrote a module which did the same just for spreads with only one occurence per string. 
i just added a bin size now.

wanted to contribute everything i work on when ive time after the thesis but i attach this here in case someone stumbles uppon this thread.

<a class="attachment" href=" (String).v4p">ReferenceIndex (String).v4p</a> (4.7 kB)
<a class="attachment" href=" (String Advanced)_0.v4p">ReferenceIndex (String Advanced).v4p</a> (7.4 kB)