Format Value strangeness

I’ve just been trying to work out why a patch wasnt loading properly, when i moved it from beta9_10 to beat10, I finally worked it , format value wasnt keeping its characters before comma settings, it had reset to 1 from 2.
So its more a heads up than a bug, or is it a bug?
Anyway my patch seems to be loading again now!


sory. i changed the default for “characters before comma” to 1 and forgot to mention it somewhere.

so there is no default home for the minus sign anymore?

ah. therefore it was. i see. it occured several times to me that the additional blank was in my way and i had to set the value to 1 and always thought the default 2 was just mistake.

apart from troubles with converting old patches i think it is more intuitive that way. if i am missing a space i would rather add it then removing it all the time i don’t need it (and in those cases obviously even can’t think of what the space could ever be good for).

sory for the inconvenience.

silently removing a minus sign doesnt sound like a good solution to me.
returning a wrong string length and messing up comma alignment doesnt seem a good cure either.

i´d really prefer good old 2 - someone who cares about superfluous spaces can still set it to 1.