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Hey there,

is there a possibility to reverse a string with unknown numbers of positions.

background: I get a time information as string depending on the position the string is shorter or longer.


please post example data, otherwise we can just guess what it looks like.

Why unknown number of position? There is, IMHO, something wrong before the data get pushed to vvvv.
Just work on two (or whatever length you may need) digits
YY MM DD hh mm ss
If in the source you can work with numbers, you can check against greatness (< than 9), if you get a string just go for length (< than 2), then simply (convert to string and) prepone a ‘0’, then you send to vvvv.
Anyway what’s the source of this time? Server? Local machine? There may be some useful separators as , : or space to help you work on time data triplets (if you ever need them).

I did it. If someone is interested in the solution please leave a message

I leave a message.
A bit of background (data source) would be nice, too. (6.6 KB)

here it is. sorry for the late response

No worries.

My spreadable way: stringtime2realtime_v2.v4p (37.9 KB)

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Ok I see great work. Thank you. It’s definitely the better way to go. :)

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