Forgetful IOBox's

Hey all

IOBox’s have a lovely personality. If you connect their input to some data, then the IOBox gets the data. If you disconnect the input, then it keeps the data.

In a way, this makes a copy of your data in the IOBox. Also you can copy/paste the IOBox.

The thing is, sometimes it seems to loose this personality persistently. Meaning that if you disconnect, the IOBox returns to 0.

I’m not entirely sure how to recreate this right now, but it was happening to me today, but not after restarting vvvv and reloading the patch.
Has anyone else seen this?

also, sometimes only 1 slice is ‘remembered’ after disconnection, regardless of the columns/rows of the iobox.

any experiences? likely triggers for this behaviour?

i experience this since beta 22.

but only after having saving problems.

see first post