ForEach region no I/O?

hi all

using 50alpha34.106 x64

I was trying to follow this vl tutorial on vimeo, but my vl template has no update region and the ForEach region no in/outputs. I cant connect the sequence to the region.

did you guys change the interface or is this a bug?

those bars on top and bottom are the things you’re searching

ok thanks, i tried connecting to the greyed out symbol.

yes, also heard this… but you need an info which bar does what. how should the icons look that you are not tempted to click on it? :)

maybe they should have background color and be placed inside the bars (at least if someone tries to connect to them one connects automatically to the bar, hehe)

I think no icons are nescessary at all. that would be a convention to learn once in the beginning and makes the interface look cleaner. And when I have data attatched to my cursor and hover over the area, display a greyed-out inlet/outlet at the current position.

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