Forcing integer numbers?

how do you get a IObox to output only integers ?

I know the search really sucks but please try it before posting.

Have a look here and here.

HI thansk for the hint, I did search before (and a few times) and has this issue popping up on my patches from time to time. Maybe I am missing something but the search function doesn t seem to respond as I would expect…

the newer addon packs contain a plugin Integer (Value) for that purpose

ah ok I am still on 22… have you ever thought about tagging the nodes… with a tag search inside vvvv itself…

I also was wondering about this for quite sometime, and thought I would post a solution I just found, but now that Integer (Value) exists, it is obsolete of course. So I’m glad I read about that here :) Thanks Kalle.

Still, for those interested. I connected the IOBOx to both inputs of GCD (greatest common denominator). It only seems to use slightly more resources than Integer (Value), so it might help those who don’t have the addon packs installed…


And all I am ever wondering why this isn’t an option in the IObox (Value Advanced).

You can add an “integer” option right with slider behaviour. (Endless, Slider, toggle, Bang, INTEGER)

Yes Integer (Value) is a very slacky node but i’m happy it can be useful. If you have some suggestion tell me, thanx.

Hold down SHIFT + CTRL + ALT (all at once) and than right click drag. Than you can scroll with integers.

Step size with right-click-dragging:

Default: 0.01
Ctrl + Alt: 0.1
Shift: 0.001
Ctrl + Shift: 0.0001

Waw… never knew it… lol…

me neither! great!


hmm would be nice to have ‘did you know…’ pop ups on the new site for stuff like this

glad it is in the manual already.

Did you know?

try mousewheel-scrolling in patch with ALT, CTRL , CTRL+ALT…