Force resolution

hi all,

maybe im blind - but - is there a chance to force a resolution

i need a 1600x600 resolution by default - means - i start my patch an vvvv jumps to 1600x600 fullscreen by itself.

i have 2 screens in spanmode and 4v always displays my content on the left screen in 1024x768 though the values are saved in the patch (when opened with an editor)…

is there any chance to solve that problem?

thanks ahead

look at your renderer with an inspektor.
see the hidden configuration pins.

change settings and save your patch.

hi kalle,

thats what i do!
i change under “fullscreen dimensions” to 1600x600 … enable fullscreen … everything is fine --> save the patch … restart … and the resolution is 1024x768 fullscreen on left monitor…

what do i wrong?

better i’d have had said nothing.

… one of my alltime favourite problems in vvvv

Please have a look here and here

If your displays are connected via VGA i would bet removing the DDC line solves the problem.