Force No value?


first post here. (newbie)

VVVV is amazing…

Can anyone help me ?

I’m trying to store some values into a series of S+H(value) nodes through a subpatch, and I was wondering if theres a way to control the making and breaking connections between pins, or forcing a value of nothing rather than 0.000 On the S+H input pin. So that it stores the Values fed in to it without resetting to 0.000 after saving and reloading the patch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Of course… I’ve just discovered the Setpatch Node, Heres an example of making and breaking connections if anyone is intersted.




MakeOrBreak.v4p (3.0 kB)

I do not think it is a good idea to use many S+H nodes to store values, best is to put them in 1 spread, and use 1 S+H node (commen mistake most new vvvv-ers make ;) )

I don’t think it is possible to save a patch, open it and keep all your values that are in Nodes/IOboxes that get their values from other nodes, I am affraid you need to make a work-arround for this, like:

On close -> Save To Text Files
On Open -> Read from textfile.

If you can attach an example patch off what you are trying to do, we can surely help you a lot better!!

edit: wow, while I was typing this you found our own help :)

Cool, Thanks for the advice West :D

Hmmm…nodeid seems to change all the time… I wonder if theres a way to set connections using nodes descriptive names…?

Anyways, I’m gonna have a go at reading and writing from files.

I know many S+H nodes isnt a good Idea but I’ve written a Patch that reads a midi file and then stores the listed notes (no duplicates) for each channel(16) in a seperate S+H. Because they are almost always going to be empty or different sized spreads putting them all into one spread I would have to then later split this spread again… Later I will be wanting to update the midifile and then update the stored values in VVVV.

I know, I’ll “Write” “read” and “seperate” all the values into a string spread, reserve the first 16 slices to store the size of each channel spread, convert to numeric with “Asvalue” , and use them through 16 “getslice” nodes for the “count” and “offset” values for 16 “getspread” nodes to select output ranges from the same spread…!


but I’m wondering, would the S+H storage method be more or less stressfull on resources than so many “getslice” and “getspread” nodes ???

Any comments kindly regarded, :)