Force HDMI output at specific resolution / force dual monitor no cable plugged?

This is not a vvvv specific question, but im sure that many vvvv/vjs had the same problem.
If you need to force your output to a specifc resolution you can do it from the Nvidia control panel ( if you have nvidia, not sure in ati ), or you can use some kind of hdmi-hdmi dongles that have a chip that fakes the ssid so you can do your whole vj setup, and no matter whats hapens after that device, your second monitor is still there, this are super usefull if the cable is unplugged so your second screen don´t disappears.
My question is, is there any software solution to force HDMI output from a computer that don´t have any hdmi device connected (yet) ? I don´t want to create a useless virtual monitor, I want to force the hdmi out so whenever my monitor/projector is connected, the signal is already there

any ideas?

You can force EDID emulation via software/driver with AMD FirePro cards.


Make sure to also tick the “Force Edid Emulation” checkbox (second screenshot).

I saw something similar with Quadro cards, but with end user graphics cards?

I researched this for quite some time a while a ago but couldn’t find any reliable software method.
IMO using a cheap EDID manager is the safest option.



I can not believe that there is no software hack for this problem :(

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