For the overall framework

hi everyboby,

a week ago I started learning VVVV,i encountered a simple problem for you and don’t know how to solve it.Now I can write some small effect,but do not know how they will be together,i hope that someone can give me a complete example(including video capture) let me refer to, and is familiar with the whole framework .

Best is you have a look at Documentation for how VVVV works in general and for some topics in detail. Go through it - its worth reading.

There’s also Pixelshader for newbies.
Most nodes do have a help file. So, for videoinput you write it in your patch and get that node, left-click it and press F1 for help patch. Copy and paste stuff for your needs. And, there another tutorial for videoinput

OK,Thank you,

I originally used Processing, will now begin learning VVVV may be over-anxious for it, temporarily or are not accustomed to using it. You said those are all I know, I have to learn slowly, but I still want to have a complete programe Let me take a look at, more simple will do, as long as the integrity of it (plus video capture), for instance, in a circular interface, interaction with people, it only this.
Sorry,maybe this is my learning methods.

Thanks again.

Don’t worry. Its just some threads before, there have been questions like this. After a while its somehow annoying. Dont take it personally. I know search ability is not very convenient.
Even me I dont know every node. Sometimes an unknown comes around in threads at vvvvorums. Then I just take a look at its help file and play around with it.
But as V4 is different programming than textural - its more or less dataflow managment (including data reorganizing) - its best to have a look at beginners tutorials.
If you are more familar with V4’s own structure, than I recommend to read some books about DirectX and pixelshaders as I am doing right know and for me its giving me a better holistic understanding than detailed and problem-focused web tutorials usually do.
Keep on and you will like V4. Welcome.

hehe,i know,thank you.

I will continue to maintain the enthusiasm of V4, because the previous study PROCESSING time soon mastered, now under a lot of pressure, I would also like to soon be able to grasp V4. No matter, or a gradual continue to learn.

Thank you for your suggestions again.