Folder Slideshow Loading

I wanted to create slideshow from pictures in folder. What I did is created custom node in .net. Node takes folder as input pin, loads files in folder, than outputs file names onto two pins, and crossfade value, which goes from 0 to 1 and back, so I could load textures in background. Load one, than fade to it, than load other fade to it, and so on. There is small hang while texture is loading (texture loader is set to load in background). I do lots of other things in parallel, so it would be nice not to feel loading. What texture format should I use to maximize performance? dx texture format? I think texture size is of consequence as is format, but didn’t have time to test it, and to try patch on different machine. If anyone is interested i will upload source for slideshow node.

I use it with shader that takes technique enum. So is there a way for me to go through values, so I could change technique for each picture, to use different transition?

This seams to be near the same problem. I will try with preloader.