did anyone out there actually bring the “fog”-node to work?
Couldn’t find a way yet, so I guess we might have a slight shader problem here.


Hi Sven,
I played around around with it a little and I found a setup in which the fog node
works the way it’s supposed to.
Just add a texture to it and it should work.

Cheers Jannis

works also with x files

could you explain, why you add a blend before and after the fog node?

and a question to the devs: why have so many attributes of the fog node no effect???

Hi Ampop !
To be quite honest just try and error.
I remember how I had some problems with this node as well, so
I played around until I got it to work…and it happend to be with
the blend nodes…

After all you are right that many of the attributes don’t do much good (yet)…

unfortunately i don’t see the fog even in your patch.
i remember when i implemented the node i didn’t get it to work either. i simply implemented all of directx’ fog parameters but could never find out which are useful and which not.

here is an msdn-link where you should information about all the parameters.

will try your patch on a different graphiccard the next days…maybe i see anything there.

Thanks for your replies. Unfortunately the fog node seems to be “out of order”. But maybe some day…


implementing fog as a pixel shader should be easy,


i had a look in the code again…and let me tell you:
there was a bog in the fog.

fixed. for next version.

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