FlyCapture 2.6 and VVVV.Packs.Image

hello evvverybody…

i’ve a problem with a pointgrey usb3 flea3 cam. i use elliots flycapture opencv nodes and get only red nodes when i try to drag the “vvvv.flycapture.dlll” in a patch. i get the small contexmenu from where i can choose wich node i want.

i copied exactly the same vvvv version (28.1) from another installation where electromeier used the same camera. installed the same older driver 2.5 (after deinstalling a newer version 2.6, hmm)

on a older notebook where electromeier had this cam working the nodes are not red even without attaching the camera.

the tty says it can’t find the dll. we believe it’s kind a windows (win7 pro, 64bit )dll admin setting we have forgot to check.

anybody a hint?

thanxxxxxx! it’s urgent…as always… :)

To make the current flycapture nodes work, you need to do the following:

-Install FlyCapture 32Bit version from the Pointgrey website. You have to install the full SDK, just installing the viewer will cause red nodes, because of some missing dlls.

-copy the following dlls from the just installed pointgrey directory next to imagepack\lib\nodes\plugins\VVVV.Nodes.OpenCV.FlyCapture.dll :