Flush memory via vvvv

hello guys , I,m doing a visual patch using patch switcher from catweasel , after some days trying to find out why nodes get disconnected , i look and look to see that all have the same ioboxes same names etc but they kept disconnecting after a while , may be it is not for that and you have another hint or reason for that , but yesterday i look into the task manager processes and i realisid that everytime i swith a patch the memory use gets higher and higher very fast so after half an hour or so no more memory therefore the patch gets corrupt well the computer everything , any hints how to flush the memory every certain time ? will that cause funny behavior in the patch ?
anyone experience things like that before ?

btw i already tried shellexecute cmd and argument CLEARMEM but nothing seem to happen

You can try the undo node with undo disabled, this stops vvvv having all the undo’s in memory.
Also check that all your patches have the same capitalisation, which is usually what happens to me if I don’t copy and paste them all!

hi cat ;D , i tried the undo node thanks for the hint but the memory is still being fill every time i change patch , also i even avoid connection and now i,m using s and r nodes , the problem persist there , any other idea anyone ?

seems you’re hitting a memory leak. could it be related to that known problem. ie. are you having filestream/videotexture) combos in the patches you are switching?

hi joreg , i read this but i,m not having the same prob i dont use filestream mostly generative visual i do have audioin fft and some other audio nodes inside , then quads and simple geometries mainly ,

there’re more nodes causing a memoryleak on create/destroy.

if anybody has the time to test, here’s a patch to cycle through all nodes

CreateSubpatchMemLeak_.v4p (17.5 kB)

Its selfdestructive at getpatch.node ;) But pretty cool patch. First time Ive seen such a advanced way of using XSLT. Counted up to 50 nodes. Am I right, that this occurs only, if I create and destroy a node during runtime aka livepatching?