Flow Foundation Statemachines opens always editor by default

Hi there…

For my 1920 phone operator VR simulation i need many statemachines (one for each caller).
I tried to instancied a class including the statemachine node from the windows flowfoundation repo.

so far it works but i have two problems
-vvvv gamma gets very unstable and runs suddenly out of memory and crashes. (i guess theres a memory leak and i guess its because of the statemachine as its not happening when i dont create the state machines, but this need some more investigation by me)

-second problem: everytime i create a statemachine a new editor tab gets created and the editor window pops up, which causes some lag in the vr simulation. of course i can hide this window by using the showeditor node but it still pops quickly up everytime i create a statemachine instance… any way to turn this off at all? i attached a simplified patch with just the instanciation process of the state machine without the rest of the simulation

spreadstatemachine.zip (20.8 KB)

Hey, not really a solution to your problem, but I recently used stateless. There is a basic demo by @hadasi. It doesn’t have the convience of a gui editor. Other than that it worked out quite well and since you have already designed your statemachine, it should be “easy” to re-patch it.
One quirk: Stateless states must explicitly ignore triggers they shouldn’t react to otherwise they will raise an exception. In your case for example (from what I can see in the screenshot) InCalling, WaitingList and ConToOp should ignore OnTimeout3.


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