Flickering spikes with NOISE

I’m getting flickering spikes out from the object when running any of the shaders contained in Desaxismundi’s new noise shader pack. The flickering is very fast and constant.

It appears this issue happens on some machines and not others.

I’m running at nvidia GTX285 on a Q9650, XP x86

Can some of you lovely folk please run one of the shaders and report results with your setup so we can try and understand the issue better please?


same here, 8800gtx nvidia…some quad core.

the ntab pin set to one value instead of spreads, fixed it somehow. not sure if the result looks like intended.

Xd:Tx for opening this thread!!

‘the flickering is very fast and constant’ That’s Sad news.
I’ve always had this issue,but only for a few seconds when the patch was starting.This behavior is now happening extremely rarely and randomly on my three years old machine : IntelCore2Duo T7200, Nvidia GeForce 7700, XPx86

9800m gs , same here.

but everything clean in subfolders, ideal!!!

not like the plugins…

one hint:
don’t name the helpfile VertexNoise_help.v4p.
simply replace the underscore with a space.
then F1 also works

and what if using this table?

vnoise-table.fxh (2.6 kB)

yeah really lovely shaders BTW, thanks.

New noise table - same issue.

hi great fx Desax!!!
just for the info
same here : GTX285

Hiya !

Great shader indeed - just to add my input :
same flickering with my GeForce GTS 250 !


does anyone round here use ATI?

Here’s another approach brought to me by toneburst that would probably remove this spiky behavior.Source code: 3d perlin vertex noise glsl sourcecode
It uses a lookup texture to generate the noise but unfortunately requires texture lookup in the Vertex Shader, which still only works on NVIDIA GPUs.
As it was not possible to access the tex2D outside the pixel shader Tonfilm was kind enough to show me how to do it using the tex2Dlod function.

Please try it and report here!!

Tx Toneburst Joreg and Tonfilm.

vNnoisePhongDirectional[2].zip (8.9 kB)

also seeing the strange spikes, i had quick look at your noise3D function. and without understanding what it does i stumbled over this line at its very beginning:
v = v + float3(10000.0, 10000.0, 10000.0); // hack to avoid negative numbers
ahm, there is this other very common hack to avoid negative numbers which goes like this:
v = v + abs(v);
and seems to get rid of the spikes on noisevelvety…

yeah! thats sorted it out Joreg, thanks! 99.9999% anyway. Just been playing around and saw the odd flicker of spikes once our twice during the twenty mins or so. I’d say sorted.

Thanks Desaxis for the sweet sweet shader implement.

The location of the texture on the reflection version is dead BTW. Looking in beta16 directory.


trying to get it to run on an ati radeon 4890, but the renderer stays black on all the vnoise-shaders.

@Joreg : thank you alot. I suspected the noise function to return a null value sometimes, so some of the mesh vertices ended up with an undefined position, and can’t be rendered properly.

Any others to try this hack and report here>then i’ll update the shaders properly. Because i cant (visualy) see what this is changing.

works fine here!

update#2 : vNoise_Pack

Feedback pleaze…

yeah they’re all good thank Desaxis

@ATI users : try ps_3_0

switching to ps_3_0 solves the problem.
great looking shaders! wow.

Ok cool!
Somebody to test this one?