Flickering screen after a while when connected to a projector

last week I should have had a performance in class, that was mainly a full screen projection of an ex9 renderer on a projector, reacting with different colors to midi-input.
Well, so I had the projector connected, tested it severall times - everything worked well. Left everything as it is, announced my performance when I see from the corner of my eye that my laptop screen has turned into one piece of exhorbitant tv-flickering. I play my keyboard (the midi-input) - the projector stays completely black.

Does anybody have an idea how this could happen? Does the resolution of the renderer affect the image on the projector in some way? It’s rather strange and unpredictable, as it worked without problems after 20 minutes of intensive testing.

My settings where the “extend windows workspace”, having my patch on the laptop screen and the renderer on the projector-workspace on fullscreen.

hi systray27 !
it doesnt sound a software issue.

1- change cables ( VGA or HDMI?). From your problem i would say VGA. If VGA verify your pins, and that the connectionis correctly screwed ( if there is screw)

2- if this occurs once again, try this on snd screen, and not the
videoprojector. If it happens again on screen, it is your graphic card. if not, this is the videoprojector

sounds more like you try to put one renderer on laptop screen 2-d on projector and try to play video on both…

What kind of cabling do you use?
Especially digital cabling like DVI-D sometimes tends to strange behaviour.

Recently i had to swap a 0.5m DVI-D cable with a 1.0m DVI-D cable.
Sometimes certain lenghts just don’t work.

i had some filckering issues before using matrixes and other staff in clubs and solve them via inspektor changing the fullscreen fresh rate in the renderer , i needed to tell you just in case ;D .

…if VGA then it’s feedback (dodgy cable).

well, redid my performance this week without any problems. It was on vga, so probably the cable might have been the issue? Would people here who are experienced with both tell if hdmi is a smarter solution?
Gonna try next week how the cable behave’s after playing around with it.

what do you mean exactly? No, the patch with the renderer was a subpatch on staying on the projection part, while the window with the original patch was on my laptop screen.

cable issue… maybe a pin was alittle bit twikled.
about antokhio suggestion, sometimes putting 2 renderers in output fullscreen, by doing a miserabilous CTRL D on the Renderer node may provide flickers and conflict