Flickering ghost image remains in TFT panel after wave tutorial

Hi guys,

45beta32.1 x32 here

just tried out the wave tutorial patch on my Lenovo x230.
the mouse generated this spreading and really fast S/W flickering form.
But after closing the renderer, a flickering ghost image remained.

Even after shutting down, unplugging psu, removing the battery, waiting for 3 minutes and booting up again, the panel was still flickering at the same place. to be specific, at a middle grey shade it was best visible.

now, after about 15 minutes it’s gone.

i was just wondering what caused this. and if it could harm my panel.
don’t want to try this out on my good display.



nice last tag :)!

is it the IPS screen?
Then it might be due to IPS burn in…

common issue of IPS Screens.


thx, didn’t know ips panels had this issue.
the image wasn’t static, but moving, like in the renderer.

cheers :)