Flicker * frame by frame picture by picture

hello world!

i’m completley new to vvvv but I want to generate a video in the following way:

I have a big libary of pictures and want to create a video out of it. Every frame should show another picture.

is it possible to build that up with vvvv?
I dont want to put every picture into each frame myself, that would cost a lot of time. can’t do vvvv that automatically in some way?

i know pd and max/msp i think i can do it if its possible. or maybe someone already build that patch?

or is there any other software i can use? maybe some stop-motion-software?

please help thanks a lot

you can use any video editing software for that (premiere, after effects, final cut etc) or even just quicktime.
an open sorce option is http://www.virtualdub.org/
u r welcome cheers

a little example “playing” pics from a local folder attached.

goldfoot.v4p (11.7 kB)