Flashy Business

I havent messed with flash much since using vvvv, but due to trying to run a DX output fullscreen and an interface in seperate threads, which unfortuantly doesnt quite work…
I’m thinking about building a ui in flash as the flash renderer functions when a dx window is fullscreen, so to those who use flash and vvvv, is this feasable?
I need sliders buttons and some dyanmically updatable thumbnails, I’m hopeing I can keep all the logic parts of the interface I’ve already built as its quite complex, a lot of preset values etc, does this sound worth persuing, I dont want to spend hours messing to find its not going to work!

Cheers Guys


it’s worth to have a go. if you use the flash renderer window for ur gui, it should work. i did just a few tests…making a simple flash gui controlling things in vvvv.

i can have a look at my messy harddiscs, i might still have this approach somewhere.

Time to dust off my copy of flash then…
Its been quite a while, wonder how much script I still remember!

found it…have a look, might be rubbish or helpful…dunno :)

flash_menu.zip (6.6 kB)

Cheers for that, gave me a start!
Heres where I’ve gone so far, the sliders work, but I need to be able to set them from vvv but I’m not too sure hw to do that whithin flash, so if any can help I’d appreciate it!
I need to somehow set the initial state of an instance, I presume there a simple way of doing it in flash, I’m rusty as hell though!


flash sliders.zip (6.7 kB)

any progress on this matter, cat ?

No, I’ve been up to my neck in work! Finally got some time off this week, I think it might be a good way of making interfaces, but my action script has all been forgotten since I last needed it! It was Flash 5 last time I used it, it all seems a bit complicated now!
If I can sort out file names for button textures, and in and output for sliders, I’ll be happy!
Maybe next week, I’ll have a look again, I do rather like the one I’ve built in vvvv but its just too much cpu and the dual core thing as well, shame!


cool…so i’m gonna have look at it. btw. what happend to your skype account ? and all me messages and one mail ;)

AHhh, forgot about it!
Maybe I shall have to check it out again, I set it up in osx, which I use less than xp (vvvvho knows why) Maybe I should di it for Xp too!