(flashrenderer)background transparent - alpha 0?


we realized that the alpha value from the renderer (Flash) - background has no function.

Our plan is to bind in a few flash-files (with have transparent background) to VVVV. These should run parallel in another/extra renderer (e.g. as textures).
But due to the renderer (Flash) - background can’t set the alpha value correct, all flashmovies have, after going through the flashrenderer, a non-transparent background. For our project we have to render through the flash renderer because of the posibility to change actionscript values.

Do you have any suggestions to solve this problem?

Thanks for all hints.

Kathrin & Co.

yes the alpha feature has a bug.
you could use a shader to replace one solid background color.
see mr. benefits shader tutorial for a start.

mh…this is rather a permanent problem than a bug. we are using the directx-gdi-texture-bridge (.GetDC()) for the flash-texture which does not support alpha. sou…we’d need to find a completely different way to get flash onto a directx texture. i don’t know of any.

mmm. In eevry browser, though, it’s no problemo to get alpha flashes on ontehr window contexts.

yeha. so?
i guess they wil have an easy way for such things in directx10 for vista.

We have at the moment only one posiblity: to create our own shader?!
Are you sure that this is a posible solution for our problem?

right. you’ll have to write a simple pixelshader for that job if playing around with blend modes (see node Blend (EX9.RenderState Advanced) ) is not enough for your purpose.

to make it clear, it is not strictly necessary to write that shader.
Our User Shaders page contains various chroma keying shader which might perfectly suit your purpose. make sure to try also the excellent Blend.fx shader by our user mtallen on that page. this will basically give you all blend modes available in photoshop, not only the few of the Blend (EX9.RenderState Advanced) node joreg was mentioning…

but the shaders on that page are more or less for the input of files… but we want, that the background of the flash-renderer should be transparent.
For more clearness I added a short testfile from us.
Bytheway on the User Shaders page I didn’t find a excellentBlend.fx… I think you meant Blend.fx?!

vvvvorum.rar (50.7 kB)

no, shaders use textures to control the display of geometry meshes. whether you load the textures from a file or generate them dynamically from flash is not relevant to the shader. so you can use all of these shaders.