Flash wish

I just found the open lib SwfDotNet for controlling swf via C#.

It seems to be very mighty, but my Flash skills are not good enough to figure out, if this one could help getting a texture (bytearray bitmap, etc) out of an swf file.

What do you think about that?

I got FantastiqUI working for the DirectX Renderer for vvvv, MouseEvents can be passed to the swf, too.
I made it in the way the DrawText Plugin is made.
But we still have some performance problems.
With “small” swf’s it works pretty fine.
The FantastiqUI Lib seems to decrease the performance.
So I want to start to write the GetTexture process on my own via the AxShockWaveFlash functionality of .NET, unfortunately I don’t have any experience with it.
Does anyone of you or does anyone of you know somebody, who can give me hand to get the pixeldata of an swf via axShockWaveFlashObject?

Would appreciate any help…

hey guys, was there any progress on this topic?

@chrismo, did you get over your performance issues?

@david, any joy in developing your plug-in?

@chrismo. how is it coming? I can only report that we have been running it already successfully. it still needs some approvements it think. But chrismo knows more about it.
when will it be released?

wow. I’d love to get a chance to test that. I work lots with flash and vvvv and really need a slick solution to my current issues. My main issues is the latency in flash when I grab the texture out as a GDI. I need to minimize latency and get flash as a texture to use the homography node to transform a flash movie to a projection screen.

Read this thread regarding a possible solution I’m trying to resolve.

@david, why do you need flash as a texture?

we have been looking for a solution to play flash movies that have interactive elements (e.g. mouse events). mouse events can be handed over to the flash renderer node from vvvv now. also we needed a solution for better performance, since the same machine in that particular project was also rendering pretty complex particle animations and 3D stuff.

it worked quite well. but so far i know, there are still some bugs to fix. for release infos we need to ask xd_nitro or oschatz because of licesing issues.

any news on that?

@david, it not a case of asking me. I know nothing about it.

How can I get a beta copy of this new node? I’m desperate for a solution to a project I currently developing where I really need better performance with flash files. Do anyone have a contact for Chrismo? or can you pass a message to contact me please?


the current version includes one hack we needed for a current project. and I have to find a way for handling the license, still not done.

for further improvement and bugfixing, I am in contact with the developer of FantastiqUI and I have to wait for his improvements.

In my opinion, the performance is quiet good, depends on the swf, you wanna use.

Mouse activities are handled and transforming is possible, too.

When I have the permission, I could prepare you a beta version.

I will ask oschatz on monday…

fingers crossed you can get permission, that would be great to get a beta version. This could really help with a live interactive performance I’m doing this coming Friday in front of a thousand odd people so you’d be a legend to push this through quickly if possible, cool if not. As a work around, I’m currently using another PC with a full screen flash player and a capture card in my other MC, but I can’t get the resolutions I need 3480x1080!


@nitro: got the permission, check PM.

@david: release date is not an issue in the moment I think, I still have to wait for the improvements of our contact of FantastiqUI.

thanks loads chrismo and oschatz for the beta version of this new flash renderer based on FantastiqUI.

I managed to get it working well with my project very easily and certainly saw a performance increase when it came to working with very large flash files.

I really want to make a flash file that can somehow measure these performance increases and flash response time (something that was a problem for me with the GDI texture method). I will try and do this soon and report back.

Was not aware of this. bloody newbie me.
Thanks for the hint Nitro. Works just wonderful
at crazy speed. Issue solved, great!


PS: Sorry somehow I managed to replace
my original question by this reply, strange,
not meant to.

any improvement? we now have flash implemented in DirectX. Download lastest vvvv and addons and you should find Flash(EX9) node.

It does suck some CPU though but doesn’t bottleneck with the GDI side of it. Also you can plumb custom mouse pos and clicks into it which is great. No get and set yet though but this can be achived via XML sockets. See here . Sounds like I had something to do with it, no, thank the devs.