Flash Render/ AS Classes

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a couple of simple flash-games which I want to control with devices connected to vvvv. For doing so I use the great flash-render-node.

Unfortunately no objects (respectively movieclips created in the constructor of my custom class) created with AS appear in the render window. Opened directly with the flash-player they run as expected.

Is it possible that classes/objects are not supported inside vvvv? Has anyone already had a problem like this? Anything I need to know when using classes with the flash-renderer?

By the way:
I use ActionScript 2 and have installed the Flash Player 9 and also exported my SWFs for this version.

Custom classes & object creation at runtime inside the flash-render-node is WORKING FINE and not the source of my problem.

As soon as I find the problem and it’s a general one where the solution might be interesting to all users of the flash-renderer, I will report here.