Flash Plugin FantastiqUI Trial Version Message

hi there

while fixing a little bug in the flash plugin by crismo (transformation of mouse coordinates not working correctly with rotation) i noticed that a little message box popping up saying “trial version of fantastique ui”. this stops vvvv completly until you click the box away. the unmodified plugin in the addon pack doesnt have this behaviour.

how can i get rid of this?

this leads me to the next question. what license does fantastiq ui have? can we use the flash plugin in commercial projects?

and third question is
any progress in making this plugin working with flash 10.2? what could cause this strange graphics bug? maybe this is easy to fix?

helo ele,

the fantastique-ui flash api which is used in the plugin requires a commercial license to compile a non-trial version. vvvv has such a license and can thus compile and ship a binary plugin without the messagebox (which you can then of course use in commercial applications. btw. everything that ships with the main vvvv download can be used in commercial applications (provided you get a vvvv license), only stuff from the addonpack may require additional licensing, see:

the problem seems that last time we checked the author of the api was completely vanished from the interwebs. so i don’t think it will ever be upgraded anymore and you cannot even buy a license to compile a nagfree version yourself.

still, if you commit your changes the plugin will incorporate those with the next addonpack release.