Hi there,

is there a way to use flash for creating an interface for vvvv?
I’d like to integrate vvvv to my Vj-sets but I find the regular vvvv-interface to complex for intuitive work like that…

thanks for answers!

hi tpunqt

Easy easy easy. Check this little example out and you shouldn’t have a problem going from there.

There are a couple of comments in the v4 file to show what is happening.

You can easily do sliders, buttons, drag&drop, just about any interface you can think.

I’d be interested in your experiments if you can post them back here please.


flashInterfaceExample.zip (10.5 kB)

Thanks a lot!!

Hi there,
im new in vvvv but im trying to start with it, i see that you can control via patch osc in vvvv with two computers via ip adresses, and also using this to control some videos via the flahs buttons , to be clear the flash in one computer and the vvvv in other one with the video window, if some of you have info about how to do that it will be great for put some of my ideas in a right place, thanks.