First MeshPlugin (Tube2d)

Hi guys. I made my first vvvv mesh plugin with the new plugin API for release 21. I’m not sure if v4 does this already… The plugin makes a 2d tube mesh for a given spread of coordinates and thicknesses. Try it out if you get the chance.

Still missing is the ability to have a break in the tube. I’m not sure the best way to do that yet…


works great! now we can paint ;)
thanks a lot!

kwel one thank you!
chose the best way!
not working with normals

Good Job scloopy!
now would be amazing to have binsize for multiple tubes ;)

in the works! i’m having a little trouble finding out the exact best way to do bin size… it’s almost working… i’ll post soon.

sweet :)… no text …

New version up! Now with bin size support. I tested it but there may still be bugs. Check it out and let me know.

Maybe you guys can help… If I wanted to make each bin have it’s own gradient of thickness… how would I do that? Do you think it’s possible with the current state of the plugin?


cool, will check it later

btw the node Rope (DX9) is doin the same thing, but what is cool here is that you have a mesh, so you can feed it in a shader or play with the single vertex through the vertex buffer

on the other hand with the rope you can have a different color for each polygon…

tube2D is missing texture coordinates, right ?

the source code would be interesting to add the texture coordinates.

True there are no texture coordinates yet. It’s not something I needed when i made the plugin. If you like I can post the code to github.

I just put the code up here:

Let me know if you make any changes. I can roll them into the project =)


cheers man, first time i’m going to mess with mesh data in c# but i’ll try.


Nice plugin, that will be really useful!

same thoughts allover…
did a 3d version a while ago, but encountered a memoryleak in slimdx (used it for a drawing app)

RopeMesh.dll (28.7 kB)

thank you very much woei, your plugin rocks.

shame its eating up memory, i can confirm this. isn’t there a way around this problem ?


hello guys , any update of this usefull plugs ?
@scloopy are you on skype ?