Firmatta analogue signal to output on vvvv

Hi All,

I’m quite new to this software, and trying to do the following with no results.

I’m trying to convert an analogue input using firmatta (arduino board), to control a transform function on vvvv. I thought that connecting firmatta to a analogue out, then an IO box, then a transform would work, but I can’t get a connection from the IO box to anything else. Is there an inbetween step that I’m missing? I would appreciate any help please.


welcome sam,

please attach a patch to show us how far you’ve come and describe where you see the problem, otherwise it is hard to follow.

Thanks @joreg

Sorry about that. Picture attached, I found an analogue read patch in the help section, but still no results.

ok, so the one thing you have to understand here is that what comes out of the AnalogRead node is not a single value, but a possible collection (Spread) of values. in this case there is only one element in the collection but still, even a collection with only one value is something different than a single value!

so try using a GetSlice node after the AnalogRead to get only the first element (Slice) out of the collection and then connect that to the Rotate.

Thanks @joreg

I was able to connect those functions, however the signal still isn’t coming through.

It’s getting some kind of a signal, but it should be going from 0 to 1 and it isn’t.

The Tx light on my arduino is flashing, so it’s transmitting information, and I checked it off the beta version and it seems to be working. I went into the documents and enabled firmatta there, but I can’t seem to get it working.


Hi Sam,

would you please check the HowTo Analog Read-Write helppatch from the Helpbrowser.
Just hit F1 and search for Firmata in the Learn section.
You’ll see if you are receiving the data.

There are two versions of the AnalogRead nodes, one gives you the Integers, another one gives you the floats in the 0…1 range. It is mentioned in the HowTo.

You could try to place the GetSlice and the Rotate [2D.Transform] directly in the helppatch.

By the way, in your last screenshots you have Dtr Enable and not the Enabled turned on. And actually the Firmata Ready should return true if the board is ready.


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