Firmata board lost connection

I am using the firmataboard node. It worked pretty well. But now i got the problem that everytime we use the digitalwrite node the board lost the connection and it cant be connected anymore. And if am trying to close the patch vvvv is crashing and cant be closed? also not with the task manager. theres no other solution than restart the computer. What happened there? is this a vvvv bug? I also used different arduino boards and computers. Does anybody experienced something like that?
Thanks for your help

can’t really help you with the firmata problem, but you should not have to restart your computer. use the attachement to clear all vvvv remains from memory: (182 Bytes)

I had issues like that ten years ago (related to ex9 and framedelay), and ever since I put the bat into any new project I start. that vvvv lingers in memory after an incomplete alt+f4 feels less like a bug, and more like a tradition now.

fun fact: it helped me with vvvv gamma too already

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