Firmata as module not plugin?

So I’ve got problems, I developed a patch using firmata, but can’t get the plugin to work in beta 23 can’t get 24 to work.
So has anyone got a module to use firmata as a module rather than a plugin?
Don’t have much time, and I have a lot of other things to do so spending a day messing with rs232 on the off chance doesnt fill me with joy, already doing 16hour days…

are you sure you use this firmata version ? and not accidently a newer version ?

delete the whole!!! previous firmata folder in the arduino folder. copy the content of the firmata zip (see link) and upload the containing standard firmata program. the most important bit is in the Firmata.cpp in the top firmata folder, if that’s the wrong one, nothing will work. inside is the baud rate set to “Serial.begin(115200);” …if so it should be the right version.

make sure you use a com port lower than 10, i heard some libraries can’t handle high numbers.(i used 3 in my test)

  1. security
    i can’t think of anything else, i tested the plugin on xp, i hope it’s not some kind of security issue in windows 7.