Firmata 2.2

First of all: Great Contribution!

But i have three questions about it.

  1. The I/O Box where the Firmware version should be shown is empty. I tried it with the Firmata from Arduino IDE 1.0. and i downloaded the Firmata 2.2 and tried it as well but the Box was still empty.

  2. I do not really know how to configure the Ports proper. In the Help-Patch there are 2 different spreads. One with the Toggles and the other with the Enumerations. Why is there the Spread with the Toggles, when i can choose Input, Output with the Enumeration? Or is it just for Analoge Pins to set them as I/O?(asking that cause i want to connect a mega).

  3. I connected an Uno and on the Uno i had a distance sensor. I Plugged the Sensor to the analoge 0 Pin. In vvvv i got strange values for all analoge Pins(not that standart noise values) but in Processing the distance sensor worked fine. Probably thats a hard question but maybe someone has an idea.


the plugin is tested with the arduino uno and the standard firmata 2.2 already being on the board when it came from italy. and the firmware pin worked on several identical boards. so no clue why its not working for you.

erm, i thought the help patch is straight forward. the enums are connected to the pin called pinmodes ! this is the one to tell the firmata device how to handle the digital I/O’s. either input, output or pwm.

the toggles are connected to Input, here you can set the digital i/o in case you set them up as output via enums. this is how firmata and the arduino works. not just in vvvv.

the setslice in the example just shows the control of an pwm output, so not just 0/1 but 0.000 to 1 as float values

  1. i tested a distance sensor too. everything works fine. to me it sounds like all yozr problems derive from either messing the arduino/firmata up with funky settings in the patch or you have the wrong firmata version installed.

ah, and adding the mega should be easy, check the inspektor settings of the firmataEncode plugin, there are settings for the number of outputs and inputs. make sure you send the proper spreadlenght according to your new settings.