Fire Pro W600


Does anybody tested already 1x Fire Pro W600 and/or 2x Fire Pro W600 with vvvv.
My aim is to output 6/12 outputs just for basics things (Video, multiscreen, homography … ) on the same PC.


with FirePro W8000 we had no anti-aliasing on dx11

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They didn’t test the w600, nonetheless interesting comparison (especially because the W7000 outperforms the W8000)

@bo27 you mean with DX11 addonpack or in general ?
Then is the AA working with DX9 renderer?

beta31.2 with DX11 pack.
to be honest, we had quite heavy model, for the simple tasks it might be ok.
unfortunately it wasn’t our hardware, so we had no any opportunity to check many options.

we had 4 outputs for the single desktop 4096x1920 in total.
there were 4 or 5 renderer passes for 3d-scene and 1 for the gui.
we had renderer lacks and flickering on 3d-scenes with any AA samles more than 1, and we had to divide renderer passes by two and by four, and only the one - the gui - was in full resolution.

Ok thx for the infos