Fingertracking with Firefly MV

I’m getting started with a PGR Firefly MV camera and vvvv. The camera connects from windows with the FlyCapture software from PGR, but the vvvv patches that work with my webcam won’t run properly with the Firefly MV. The error message I receive is “TMIOEnumComponent, division by zero”. The camera driver seems not to get recognized. Could you please guide me towards some information about how to receive input from PGR Firefly MV with vvvv?

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if you have a wdm driver installed for the firefly it should be selectable in the VideoIn (DShow9) Driver input-pin. is it like that?

The driver is the PGR FlyCapture driver pgrcam.sys and the VideoIn (tutorial).v4p patch says driver is nil, and no driver is selectable. Should I use the FlyStream driver with support for DirectShow from PGR instead of the FlyCapture driver?


yes. vvvv can only deal with wdm/directshow drivers.

After switching to the FlyStream driver the VideoIn tutorial patch now displays the PGR Streaming Digital Camera driver and the video output window, The settings I used were:
width 640, height 480, fps 60, format Y800.

The basic fingertracking patch using the contour plugin also works, however primitively and needs calibration. I’ll try and learn more vvvv to control the camera better and make more interesting graphics. The camera driver problem is now solved.


where have you find the fingertracking patch?



i also got a new pgr firefly camera (ffmv-03mtm-cs) and have some troubles get it working in vvvv. when i use pgrcam driver it works fine with the delivered “FlyCAP” software. as soon as i switch to the wdm driver it seems not working any more… see the attached screenshot.

anyone experienced same problems or have an idea what it could be?

thx and greetz

firefly_trouble.jpg (180.6 kB)

*do you try to access the camera with 2 programs? this doesn’t work.
+if you NEED 2 programs look at Software Tool Links/Video Tools for Splitcamera. may help but has some performance needs.

*see the User Tutorials:
+there is a VideoInTutorial. perhaps helpful.

hi kalle,

thx for fast reply.

i want to access the camera only with vvvv not with 2 programms at same time.