Finding centre of gravity (COG) of a blob in point cloud blob tracking

Hi All!

I am playing with blob tracking in point clouds of a Kinect2 input and I am currently facing a problem:

The blob tracking gives me a bounding box and its centre from all voxels that seem to belong a blob (group). However, as there is a lot of jitter in the Kinect2 signal, the bounding box is jittering quite a lot if there are occasional voxels within the allowed range, but far away of the main group itself. So these extra voxels get way to much “weight” compared to the mass of the entire tracked blob group of voxels.

Is there a function to derive the true centre of gravity (COG) of all the voxels inside the blob bounding box?

This is by averaging all voxels own 3D position (their individual COG) for all voxels inside the blob group of voxels. Using this approach would create only minimal jitter on the COG if there are some outside voxels coming and going.

I wonder if that isn’t already existing, but I can’t find it anywhere yet.

If it exists, can you point me at it?
If not, where is the best place to start?

I think I found it myself.

I found the CS_Centroid function, which seems to do what I need…

I use it instead of the Bounds tool now.


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