Finder doesn't look in patches with " (labels)" in filename

I can’t get Finder (Ctrl-F) to find nodes in patches of mine that have labels in the filename, such as “Example (Value).v4p”, even if I use the p, n, m, or t tags in Finder. Am I missing something, or is Finder?

See attached - unzip, run FindDoQuit.v4p, and follow instructions inside.

Edit: Seeing this in 34.2_x86, haven’t tried others. (1.8 kB)

what you call “labels in a filename” is what vvvv calls categories. and categories in filnames make an ordinary subpatch into a module. and in order for the finder to search inside modules you have to activate the M checkbox in the topright corner of the finder. works?

Ahh, I thought you meant the “m” tag, but that means to search FOR modules, not IN them. I thought “modules” were created via Ctrl-M, not by just adding labels in the filename - which I thought just made them visible in the search paths. Thanks joreg!

Hmmm, so let me get this straight - Ctrl-M just embeds information in a patch, and it is still just a patch. What determines whether a patch is functionally treated as a “module” is that it has one or more labels in the filename, even if it has never had the module info inserted by Ctrl-M. Correct? It’s a bit misleading if so.


ioa…i can see that…

and again it is not “labels”. the first mandatory one is the Category all following optional ones are Versions.