Find, Sift, =(String) bug?


is that bug or am i do something wrong?

StringBug.v4p (9.1 kB)

this on beta26

with comparison mode switched to “matches any” it works for me? or am i do sth wrong?

@hrovac. thanks! Sift ok! but others?

i think only sift is spreadable for both inputs

they are also ok, you have two slices, so the first slice gets checked for the input slices 0,2,4,6,8,… and the second 1,3,5,7,9,…

if you want to check all, you need a cross, but the sift does it for you in the right mode.

thank you guys!
hmmm… strange that only today i faced that problem. need to re-understand spreads in that point.
before right solution with Sift ‘matches any’ mode i solved it with Occurance node, but Sift is much better of course.