Filstream (Bass) starts too early when connected to the Mixer (Bass)

hello vvvvolks.

I think I found a bug, maybee somebody could reproduce that?

there are 2 patches in the attachment, explaining the bug.

the patch withmixer.v4p has two Filestream (Bass) connected to one Mixer (Bass). When I hit Play, a Stopwatch (Animation) is triggered as well, whereas I compare the time of the Stopwatch with the Current Position of the Filestream (Bass). In this patch the time difference is around 0.3 seconds, which means around 20 Frames at 60fps. I think this is too much.

the patch withoutmixer.v4p shows the same principle only that Filestream (Bass) is directly connected to the AudioOut (Bass). Here, the time difference is only around 0.03 seconds, around 2 frames which seems pretty ok.

any ideas?

thanks a lot
aivenhoe (3.2 MB)

It’s normally nicer to keep both files to “Play on”, then use the play pin on Mixer.

Since to access mixer files are only decoded, that can create a little bit of overhead, but the nice this with mixer is that both of your wav files will be synced.

hi vux

hmm… syncing the files is actually one thing im after. Right now i just compare the times and seek on the filestream if a certain threshold is passed.

but the thing is, when I play a mono file without a mixer, both channel 1 & 2 are used. Or at least I havent found out, how to occupy only one channel. Also, AudioOut (Bass) only recognizes the channels stereo/pair-wise. At least with my audiocard HDSP AES-32 which has 16 channels.
So working with the mixer lets me address every single channel on my audio device and I can start and stop all myFileStream (Bass) nodes.

By the way, I found out that the Audio apparently starts with on time, but the time which FileStream (Bass) delivers, is wrong.

still working on it.

I´ve been thinking.

Isn´t the following a bit akward?

I can change the input count of Mixer (Bass), so I could mix, lets say 6 mono streams.
But via AudioOut (Bass), I can only play out two channels (stereo)…

Wouldn´t it be great, if the Mixer-Node itself could handle the AudioOut functionlality, so it would be possible to play out my 6 different mono streams on 6 different channels on my audiocard output?
(so it would also sync all the filestreams :)