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Please forgive me Im abit vaugue still with vvvv. I am trying to fill an iobox(string) with 20 rows and 20 columns with the columns and row reference for that “cell”


C1R1 C2R1 C3R1 …
C1R2 C2R2 C3R2 …
C1R3 C2R3 C3R3 …

and so on

The number of rows and columns could change so I was thinking of a couple of string ioboxes one with “C” and one with “R” then a couple of iobox(value) = 20 in this case. Is there then a way to merge all this data to create what I need. I keep using + string nodes but thats giving odd results as it then gives C1R1 C2R2 C3R3 etc.


Select (String) is your friend. see patch

SelectStuff.v4p (9.0 kB)

Amazing Thanks

Actually one of the things I needed to be able to do was to change the rows and columns independently. I’ve then tried adding another select and altering the ioboxes but I don’t think I’m quite getting the relationship? I have attached what I’ve done…

SelectStuff.v4p (11.7 kB)

I think you need to play around with get and setspread and swapdim

Thanks sunep. I will look into those

sounds like a job for VL.

if i understand correctly, what you are looking for is Cross (2d). I’ve made a patch which compares the vvvv solution with Cross node and the VL solution with a nested Loop, needs vvvv alpha of course:

Rows (7.9 kB)