FileTexture Width Height Bug

filetexture outputs 0px width and height although it tells me all textures have been loaded (up and running).

filetexture never recovers and needs to be deleted and patch restarted.

a NIL on Filenamepin

seems only to happen when filetexture is set to “load in background”

see image for result

i hope you can fix this, although a AvoidNIL will do obviously for now

seemed to be a lucky one, the first screenshot.
i can even produce this

my steps are:

  • let filetexture load 366 images

  • watch “up and running” one image can’t decide if its loaded or not, 010011 flickering

  • if up and running is good, just reload again…at some point up and running will flicker

  • while up and running shows this flickering, switch input to NIL

the result can been seen above,filetexture quits the job. seems like this can cause a couple of effects, usually width and heigth are 0, filetexture hangs

in big projects, i sometimes experience a few files in a spread not having width and heigth after some random interaction and i never could figure out what i was doing wrong. so i guess this has something to do with these nasty tests

something odd with load in background

btw. what is the hidden Preload pin for ?

sorry, another test…

no NIL involved !

while filetexture loads 100 textures in background, switch Filename input to just some different 100 textures, bamm…kaputt no width

looks like this is actually my case

edit: conclusion, after several tests, if the loading process (in background) is interupted by anything, filetexture hangs forever. anything can be a bang on reload, bang on “use preloaded…” or change of filenames/NIL
this bug is random, which makes it pretty nasty for projects.

should be fixed. please check latest alpha

great, thank you !

erm…i did it again, with alpha.
this time, while loading images with loadinbackground, turning loadinbackground pin on/off did this…

sure, its trying to break it on purpose and probably should not be considered a bug ? i just wonder if this behaviour could cause problems in big projects with many filetextures loading something ?

luckely, this is no “sackgasse”, simple reload fixes hickup. much better than previous versions.