FileTexture - transparency on multiple layers/quads

h3ll0 vvvv0rld,
in this example all quads with png as texture should have some transparency.
three png textures go via filetexture into one quad. the output(three quads) have different z positions. problem: the first/frontmost which is closest to the camera is not transparent when using the depthbuffer format D16. the other two are transparent/fine.
when i deactivate the depthbuffer they are all transparent but then i do not get the depth position correct.
how can i get the first/frontmost quad transparent with activated depth buffer?
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transparenz-test.v4p (37.0 kB)

I didn’t check your patch but I suppose your problem is related to z-sorting.
Read this.

thanks for the link! but i don’t get it. tried the z sorting thing but it is tricky without examples.
i attached my example again including the png files.
perhaps its explains my prop a bit better…
g a

seven-nation-numbers.7z (79.5 kB)

Use ZWriteEnabled node.

see patch… no text …

transparenz-test.v4p (48.3 kB)

works. thanks, thats great.
g a