FileTexture to Queue bug

FileTexture>>Grid>>Renderer patch works fine.
But FileTexture>Queue>>Grid>>Renderer gives me picture clipped on bottom.

Is it a bug or I miss something?

alo. this may be a driver/graphiccard problem. can you try a more recent card/driver?

I’ve upgraded drivers to the most recent but the problem is still there. I’ve tried it on different computers with different cards and the bug is there sometimes but I still can’t figure out the conditions.

RADEON X800XT (8.18-050914a-027256C-ATI) buggy
geforce fx 5900 ( WHQL) buggy
geforce fx 6600 ( WHQL) ok

The bug photo :)
Left grid’s texture is clipped. :(

And you can download the source >>

Please test it. This bug is really critical for my project :(

I found a simplier way to achieve my goal using DynamicTexture(string). Works like a charm! See screenshots of my flickr typography.
VJing with freshly found images would be really fun :)

ok ic. we should be able to fix this by better checking the capabilities of graphic cards and copy textures accordingly.