Filetexture - how to have multiple textures

Hello all,

I’m working on a project where a very long image (16000x800px) must be moved right or left on the screen (by mouse).

I do this by loading the image (as filetexture) on a quad, then map mouse movements to a transform node on the same quad.

If I load the whole image as texture, it appears blurry. I saw that for very large textures, I should split the image in smaller ones, than load them.

What I need is to load the textures as something like a long film-roll, which moves. How can this be done? I attach the first application, with only one image moved…


carapp_test01.v4p (6.0 kB)

hi alex,

first of all:
i saw that you have set the Source Maximum of Map (Value) to 83.
that doesn’t make sense to me. i’ll suggest setting this to 1 because the value range of the mouse node is -1,1

did you have a look at the FlieTexture (EX9.Texture) in the inspector? there is a hidden pin “Mip Map Count”. perhaps changing settings there helps you.

there is also a node called Filter (EX9.Samplerstate) . have a look at its helpfile. may also be helpful for your goals.

max texture size is 4096x4096, split the image as you like and place the slices on a spread of quads. input all filenames to the FileTexture node and connect it to a quad, that is spreaded in x direction…

thanks kalle & tonfilm,

i finally figured it out, it just amazes me how simple things can be with vvvv :)

i attach the final app, just in case somebody runs into the same problem.

re. kalle’s note for the Map (Value), I used 83 as I use Mouse with CycleMode set to IncrementCycle for a slower move. In this patch, I use the normal -1,1 range.

alex (637.2 kB)