FileTexture & FileModel not working on Exported App

Hi Guys,
i’m having some issues using FileTexture in my exported application, TextureReader works.
Also FileModel seems affected.
It happens with 2022.5.0-0692 version.

please elaborate on “some issues”. can you provide a simple example for us to reproduce?

Basically, on the exported App i don’t get FileTexture or FileModel working,
Already checked if the Path it’s different but it looks correct.
TextureReader works.

has the same worked for you in earlier previews? if so which?

Sorry not 100% sure, but i remember having it working without issues with the 2022.5.0-0583.

Is it on the same machine? You need MsBuild installed for them to work.

If that’s working, then print the file path somewhere to double check whether it’s correct.

Yes it’s on the same Machine and i’ve printed the Path to check if it was correct.
I’ve installed this Gamma version with MsBuild as always.

Should be fixed in upcoming preview.

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Exported apps with 2022.5.0-698 don’t start, is this version the one you mean?

Indeed, 698 was compiled against a wrong version of Stride (it had a custom Stride build with the same public version but different assembly version). Please test again in 699. Thanks!


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